1. July 19, 2012 WMNF Artists - in - Residence Will Talk at the Gallery on Saturday, July 28th

    July’s White Mountain National Forest artists in Residence, Xavier Cortada and Juan Carlos Espinosa will speak about their stay in the forest on Saturday, July 28th at 11:00 a.m. at Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery. For the second year The White Mountain National Forrest and The Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire have collaborated to bring exciting new talent to the forest. Miami based artists, Cortada and Espinosa have worked together on numerous projects that are related to their shared environmental concerns. Xavier Cortada is an eco-artist and Juan Carlos Espinosa is a composer and sound artist. While living at Meade base they have met with scientists, artists, trail crews, archeologists and members of the community to develop their ideas. The work on view is inspired by the forest and their experiences here. Dynamic and energetic these two artist have been up and down mountains absorbing science, color, form and sounds. Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery is located at 69 Maple Street. For more information visit our website at or call 284 7728.

    Terra: Time/Space Species: Glacial Relics and the Thrush is an exhibit of works created by Cortada during his residency at Meade Base. “The exhibit focuses on three sensitive species living in the White Mountain Natioanl Forest at the top of Mt. Washington that allow us to see nature through the prism of space (habitat:global migration and habitat change) and time (evolution:glacial relics, evolving subspecies). Cortada’s research involves two different butterflies that evolved as subspecies at the mountains alpine elevations and the Bicknell’s Thrush whose only summer habitat is below the alpine area in the White Mountain Natioanal Forest, an area that is shrinking as global climate change increases.

    Composer Juan Carlos Espinosa will be presenting selections from his “Weeks Legacy Trail soundscape series. He will also present the “pre premiere of “Climbing Mount Israel”, a piece fro trumpets and trombones that was composed during residency at Meade Base. This piece is a spatial piece. Musicians will be placed up and down stairs in the gallery. Espinosa wishes to” convey the way sound carries in the mountains – distance, directionality, etc. Interpreting the sounds of the mountains will be challenging. We look forward to a fascinating morning with Espinosa and Cortada.

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