1. June 05, 2012 Dunia Moja - One World

    Patricia Ladd Carega gallery is delighted to present Dunia Moja / One World, This exhibit is the result of a print making exchange between artists from the Peregrine Press in Portland, ME and artists from Women Networking in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Each group of artists created a base print. The Peregrine artists sent their base prints to the artists in Zanzibar and vice versa. Each group then added to the original print they had received. The result is a colorful and engaging body of monoprints combining the talents and cultures of artists who live and work in two entirely different environments. Join us for the opening reception on June 9th from 5 to 7 p.m. , 69 Maple Street. For more information visit our website at or call 284- 7728. Gallery hours are from 10 to 5 Monday through Saturday and from 12 to 5 on Suncay. The gallery opens for the summer on Memorial Day Weekend.

    This exhibit was simultaneously opened in Portland, Maine and Stone Town, Zanzibar last year. Best described by members of the Peregrine Press: “This Unique print exchange was conceived by Alice Spencer, a founding member of the Peregrine Press, after visiting Zanzibar in early 2010 and teaching the fundamentals of stenciling and block printing to 12 professional Muslim henna artisits.,,”

    “Responding Intuitively and imaginatively to the base print as a background – there were no rules! – the second artist then added another layer of gestures, imagery, or manipulations to finish the prints.

    “The two resulting matched sets of collaborative prints are unique, showcasing the deep similarities and mysterious differences, between kindred spirits working “together” across a distance of 6,000 miles.”

    The Zanzibar Henna project began in Stone Town, Tanzania. A small group of women who had dedicated themselves to perfecting the art of henna body painting decided to take their skills to further ends by beginning to work on canvas. The prints are a further step in making their work available to a broader audience. “The Zanzibar Henna artists preserve the traditional henna motifs such as bold floral patterns (customary at Swahili weddings and religious festivals) while also employing modern techniques, stunning colors and personal creativity….”

    Founded in 1991, the Peregrine Press is a non-profit, fine arts printmaking cooperative in Portland, Maine. The Mission of the Peregrine Press is “to provide a well-equipped studio for a diverse group of artist members: To celebrate the art of printmaking as an innovative, dynamic and evolving art form, To encourage a synergy of ideas, sharing of techniques and mutual support: to educate ourselves and the general public in the art of printmaking through lectures, workshops and exhibits: to mentor the next generation of printmakers by offering membership each year to a graduating print major through a scholarship in memory of Kate Mahoney and Marcie Carner. “

    We are happy to bring this creative and educational exhibit to Center Sandwich and the Lakes Region. We hope that you will enjoy the exhibit as much as we do and that all ages will benefit from this exchange of art, culture and friendship.

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