work on paper     

Artist Statement

Alston Conley

Alston "Stoney" Conley lives and works in Massachusetts and in Maine. Currently he is Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Fine Arts Department at Boston College. A career painter, Conley has taught and lectured in New England and in New York. He has been the recipient of many awards and distinctions for his work. His paintings are contained in both Museum and Corporate collections.

For many years Conley was interested in the fresco technique. Plaster is heavy, hard to move and easily damaged. He turned to painting on board, canvas and paper in oil and watercolor. His paintings reveal an interest in form and light. They are works done perhaps of the same scene at different times or the same time on different days. One becomes aware of the differences of the sky and nuance of the forms of trees at dawn or in the evening. Stoney's paintings echo a quiet reverence for their subject and spin an enchanting tale.