Artist Statement

Peter Thibeault

This area of my work concerns my long time preoccupation with flea markets and junk stores. During college and early thereafter I began scouring these places of discarded ephemera and began to notice certain recurring themes. The broken remnants of toys and games immediately attracted me. I began to collect these wooden and metal parts, I had nothing specific in mind; it was just the patina, texture and affordability that initially appealed to me.

After a particularly fruitful summer in 1990, I spread my winnings out on my worktable and I began to organize them according to shape, size and color. Seeing them laid out in this way led to tiling the parts onto various surfaces of the furniture that I was building. Those seeds planted years ago led to the work you see here today.

The formal aspects of the work celebrate the graphic richness of material and the articulation of past handwork; qualities that have been slowly replaced by plastic, bland color and shoddy workmanship.