Artist Statement

Pam Urda

I love being outside and believe Mother Nature is a genius. The textures, colors and shapes of animals, plants and water are tiny miracles every day. With acrylic paint, texture medium and a heavy dose of both curiosity and humor, I attempt to convey how I feel in my gardens where bees clumsily bumble, or enjoying a rollicking walk along a rushing stream with my loyal dogs. I love all colors in nature from the brightest of yellows in the Daylilys, to the most peaceful, mossy greens of a Balsam tree. My delight is to come as close as I am able to what Mother Nature has to offer, knowing that what I create will always be a humble second, at best.

Thought I am not institutionally trained, creativity has always been a partner. Pattern, texture and color have always been a fascination, but my most influential teacher has been curiosity. Following the 'I wonder what would happen if I...' line of thought has been the greatest adventure of my life so far. Be it iridescent medium mixed with gloss ,experimenting with pallet knives to create foliage in landscape painting, or simply walking down an untried path with my pups, following my curiosity has proven to be a true blessing in my life.