objects and glass     

Artist Statement

Nicholas Moore

In my youth I was always attracted to wood working. Between my first bowl carved at age 13, almost fifty years passed before turning my second under the tutelage of maestro Avelino Samuel in St. John, USVI.
Since that time I have taken over 150 hours of intense instruction and have re-connected with this passion. After a "brief" interruption of academics, raising a family, and a career in the financial sector that spanned 50 years, I am now ensconced in rural New Hampshire with the woman of my life, a Powermatic lathe, and the skills acquired from a gifted teacher.
I create hand turned bowls, burls, plates, platters, salt bowls, as well as custom pieces. Each is a statement piece, whether designed from a functional or artistic perspective. Much of my work is done with kiln dried wood, however I also work with a variety of raw wood slabs and burls. The wood I source is of domestic and international origin, and is selected to showcase unique grain patterns, colors, and texture.
It is my pleasure to create some turned pieces I hope you will enjoy and possibly own for their ability to please the eye, or the pleasure of giving someone a unique gift.