work on paper     

Artist Statement

Mark Stewart

Drawing has been a central part of Mark Stewart’s life from a very early age. In high school his natural gift led him to a drafting class and from there to Architecture while at Texas A&M University. It was there in the mid 70’s that Mark began to paint, experimenting with watercolor technique and closely studying the work of Winslow Homer, Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper. He graduated from A&M in 1975 with a master’s degree in Architecture and a serious commitment to his artistic avocation of watercolor painting.

As a painter, Mark is a realist who is nevertheless intrigued by the mystery behind reality. His subjects, whether human or inanimate, seem imbued with a quiet pensiveness – a patient wait for the thing within the thing to show itself. Mark's watercolor paintings neatly marry an elegant specificity with the shadows of suggestion, in keeping with the soul of reality.