work on paper     

Artist Statement

Margery Thomas Mueller

I have been working on Yupo paper for about two and a half years. Yupo is plastic, it has no tooth to hold the ink, graphite or any medium without being fixed...and therefore it is constantly movable. The search for how to work on this paper has lead me to work in a manner that is always flexible and uncertain.

Landscape -Fall 2015

Landscape is a metaphor for life inside and out
It is where we walk, view, embrace our daily experiences of existence.
And it is the story of what we belong to intimately

The branches that connect our years, the brambles we work our way through,
while we seek the fantasy we yearn for, where we imagine what we wish for,
where we dream of a vision that haunts us. It is where we stumble through the thicket to scramble to find a path.

I think of this as of the place we dwell individually or as a whole culture, of the human race.
The complexity that confronts our world daily, trying to uncover the dream beyond, that is the thicket I work at on paper.

With India Ink on Yupo the work is totally fluid. There is no rough tooth to hold on to as the paper is plastic. One must wait for it to cure, then fix it with a medium of wax for stability... the metaphor.

I read about prisons in America that hold innocents, black men beaten by society, issues facing women all over the world, attacks on Planned Parenthood, anti-semitism, migrant Europe…

I draw the thickets.

ARTIST'S NEWS: Margery Mueller has been selected as a first round finalist by the curators of the International Emerging Artist Award in Dubai