Artist Statement

Kim Case

My paintings feel to me as if they of have always been in process of becoming. At completion they feel eerily like old friends who have finally shown up for a visit. Though I am consciously involved in the physical task of applying layers of paint, it feels more like a reverse experience of peeling away until something is revealed and I think, ‘Oh of course, there you are’.
Like many of us who love a place, certain views and vistas are imprinted on me as firmly as DNA. Each piece is a song of an appreciation that has been passed down through generations. Where water meets land, and land the sky, these are ripe arenas for ancient and fascinating metaphors of transition, contrast, ying, yang, balance and harmony. As such, these tension points are also endless resources for inspiration. It helps that no two days are exactly alike, so each work, even of the same location, is always fresh and immediate. Capturing and interpreting these places is more instinctive than studied, and like drawing since childhood, compulsive. At its best, my art is a meditation, accomplished only when I am able to slip into the stream with the Creativity, letting go while training and heart guide the hand.