Artist Statement

Kathryn Field

Kathryn Field’s sculptures are in private and public collections throughout the Midwest and New England. The bronze and steel sculptures explore animals, landscapes and the human form. Her most recent work celebrates her interest in painting and sculpture. The painted landscapes in oil, move across the flowing surface of laser cut stainless-steel plates instead of canvas.
The process of creating these sculptures begins with drawings, simplifying landscapes and figurative studies into bold positive and negative patterns. The drawings are then translated into a CAD program and cut on a laser cutting bed. After they are bent, shaped and welded, creating an undulating three-dimensional surface, the oil painting begins. Using these techniques Field has created a 60-foot steel fence, 18-foot tall outdoor public sculptures as well as small intimate sculptures for private homes. Her most recent commission for Russell Sage College is under fabrication and will be complete by October 20, 2016.