Artist Statement

Kathryn Field

For the past 35 years I have divided my time between teaching, sculpture and painting. The newest body of paintings titled “Coming Home” is based on two years of travel in Australia and my reflections on returning home, to Sandwich NH. The focus is on a study of space.
I am drawn to shape first and then color in observing the landscape. This perspective comes from being a sculptor first and then a painter. The spaces between forms, hold as much interest as the forms themselves.
There is a way of seeing when you travel that is different from observing your normal daily routine. Your senses are heightened, your awareness is keener and you find richness in everyday tasks.
I traveled with sketchbook, camera and watercolors documenting my experience of space in multiple media basking in the luxury of sitting in stillness and observing the world.
I returned to Sandwich with a determination to stay centered on place and find delight in seeing and recording my familiar surroundings through the eyes of a traveler, as I had during my two year “Walk about” in Australia. The key is observation and gratitude for each day to see anew.
I also continuing to work on sculpture commissions and am in the process of designing and fabricating a large stainless steel Sculpture for Russell Sage College that will be dedicated October 20, 2016.