Artist Statement

Frances Hamilton

Frances Hamilton is a painter and collage artist whose work has been exhibited widely in New England for over 25 years. Her images are intimate, rich in color and often inspired by memory and dream.

The Squam Lake Series is based on a lifetime of visits to a friend's summer home near Center Harbor, New Hampshire.

What might seem most familiar here is the sense of place, family and traditions created through the journeys back to a summer home. The overlay of time, spiritual regeneration, birth and death are all implied in the visible evidence of simple wooden tables and fishing gear. There is a paradoxically unchanged experience in the effects of many changing lives returning to a familiar and beloved setting. Squam Lake is renowned for families that have protected this culture of respectful return and the home which is fondly painted by the artist is one of many such shared campsites where the cultural archeology of past and present offers rich material for contemplation.