Artist Statement

Elizabeth F. Smith

Painting is a meditative experience through which I filter my impressions of the world around me. While my formal art training began at the Museum School in Boston, it is now the natural world and the architecture within it that provide me with lessons and inspiration. I'm fortunate to live in an area that is visually compelling. The mountains and lakes that define the New Hampshire landscape offer endless possibilities for me as an artist.

When thinking about all of the elements that are involved in creating a painting, more than anything else, it is color that motivates and directs my art. I am always searching for the right interplay of hues to evoke a certain mood and response. Color is intuitive, and the decisions I make about it come from trusting that intuition.

I strive to create a sense of natural harmony among rhythm and balance, color and shape. While I always compose a painting with a specific idea and place in mind, it’s the process of putting paint to canvas that ultimately guides the direction that a painting will take. In a sense, the artwork evolves into itself.