work on paper     

Artist Statement

Delanie Jenkins

Grounded within a collage aesthetic my work evolves from the intersection of concept and process and often yields unexpected results. A pseudo-scientific sensibility of observation and experimentation overlaid with an industry of repetition offers a formal structure. In the most recent tape explorations, color and perception are explored with watercolor pencil and the unintentional imprint of the hand. Surfaces build with an accumulation of gestures and the visual field experienced at a distance contracts upon approach to reveal an abundance of singular elements.

The history of my work is in installation, site-specific sculpture, and performance with identity and place, language and power, and regeneration and decay as consistent themes. Recent works address the choreography of the hands and the transformational potential of labor; portraiture without traditional subjects and grand landscapes without a horizon; wishful thinking in approaching a child’s hand game as a strategy for disarmament; and social exchange combined with the circulation of currency as a basis for discussion.