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Artist Statement

Clare Winslow

A third-generation artist and regular summer resident of Sandwich NH, Clare has a degree in Fine Art and studied printmaking at the Corcoran College of Art in D.C. Her focus on printmaking allows her to integrate a broad range of artistic interests: drawing, photography, digital imaging, design and painting. Clare’s work has been shown in group and solo exhibitions at the Washington Printmaker’s Gallery, the Corcoran Museum of Art, and Civilian Art Projects in Washington, D.C, as well as in Houston and Shanghai. Her work has been reflective of the places where she has lived, which include Tokyo, DC, and Los Angeles.

Clare's current body of work is united by the theme of ecology. Whether created with acrylic, silkscreen, or etching press, each piece contains an effort to bring texture to the surface of the print by layering images or marks, to add depth and actively engage the viewer.

According to the artist, "Each project is a challenge for me — finding a delicate balance between process and feeling.”