Artist Statement

Cecily Clark

There is something elemental and uncomplicated about working with clay which is just a form of earth but can be shaped in to an almost infinite number of forms. Working in three dimensions seems natural to me. I might start with an idea, but sometimes the hand and the eye take over from the mind and the result can be a surprise. The trick is to see it or its potential.

Most of my sculptures are not realistic although I try to capture the characteristic motion and/or posture of animals or persons in my work. In some pieces contours, angles and plains dominate. I tend toward caricature, and the retelling of myths or tales.

I had six years of sculpture classes at Concord Academy and then by great luck, Leonard Baskin taught a semester of sculpture while I was at Smith. I continued study at The Museum School and the de Cordova Museum.

I have studied life sculpture and portrait head with Pamela Blotner and Harriet Diamond at Snow Farm (previously Horizons), Christopher Growel at the Manchester Institute and at Sanctuary Arts, and Bill Osmundsen at the Studio on the Ridge.

My work has been exhibited in New England shows and galleries including the New Era Gallery in Vinalhaven, Maine, and the Azure Rising Gallery in South Wolfeboro.

My studio is open to visitors by appointment.