Artist Statement

Breton Morse

When gas prices are too high and the economy is off, there is little to smile about. Breton Morse’s paintings will awaken your dormant sense of humor and for a few minutes the woes of the world will vanish into Morse’s world of the ridiculous.

Breton Morse, grew up in Washington, DC. He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. An accomplished painter, his work runs the gammit from realism to modernism. I first met Morse when he came to my gallery one February afternoon in the 1980’s carrying a handful of paintings. His new work had taken a turn that reminded me of a very painterly comic book. The subject matter was silly but hilarious. World War II, restaurant vignettes, dogs, old cars, museums and current topics are all fair game to this artist whose humor creeps onto the canvas as though he can’t help himself. A man of few words, his canvases jump with color and expression. To own one of his paintings is to own a daily smile.