Artist Statement

Anne Garland

My art is a personal response to the natural world, where I have always found nourishment, inspiration, and joy. I use drawing, painting, and printmaking to visually express my intrigue in all that nature holds, each offering exciting and unique processes, tools and techniques. When painting, the landscape is most often my subject. I love being IN the landscape. The plein air process allows me to inhale all that surrounds me. At the end of a session, even if the painting is not completed, the experience of wading in the river, smelling and standing in the sweet field grasses, or sitting in patterned light of the woods is rewarding. When working in the studio, I am able to recall the landscape. Protected from the bugs and rain, I can work larger and longer, but it is not the same as being there. Through printmaking I enjoy exploring subjects that are more intimately seen, things I can manipulate in my hands, or extract from digital images and drawings. It is an exciting medium, offering endless possibilities in interpreting my intrigue with nature. For example, the thin and sensitive lines of an etching can suggest the fragility of a decaying leaf, while the boldness of a woodcut can convey the scuffling form of an armadillo rustling through the underbrush with it’s snout. Whatever medium or process I use, I am interested in letting the image evolve, becoming something unplanned and surprising in the process of trial, error, and patience.

Anne Garland's work is found in the following public collections: The New York Public Library, University of New England, The Portland Museum of Art, Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Colby College Art Gallery, and The Farnsworth Museum of Art.
For the year 2010 she has earned The Pace House Residency in Stonington, ME awarded by the Maine College of Art, and she is the Buffalo National River Artist in Residence, Harrison, Arizona.
Her work is also contained in numerous private collections.