Artist Statement

Alice Morse

Alice Morse lives and works in Spain. She has exhibited her work in Mallorca ,Barcelona and Madrid. In the United States she has shown at galleries in Washington DC, Art Miami and now at Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery. First a student of art in Spain at Artes y Oficios in Mallorca, Morse then studied at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC. in 1982. Returning again to Washington in 1986, she studied at the Washington Art Studio and the Washing Art and Music School. She returned to Mallorca and in 1995 finished her studies at the Escuela de Dieno I.D.E.A. She has been working and living in Spain form most of her career.

Morse's work on first glance takes us back to an era long lost to history. Shapes in plaster remind of bones or fossils cracked with age while lying on backgrounds that could be ancient stones. Her work is about texture, spaces and voids. Morse seeks to capture a reality made up of "the dynamics of the alive and dead, still and flowing, emotional and rational, noisy and silent, light aggression and rest-reflection". Her work is as engaging to the mind as it is to the hand.

"Alice Morse's work resonates with the primitive dream-time of an aboriginal world. She seeks to capture the essence of the beginning of life, the instant of creation." James Rose, BBC Engineer, 2006