Artist Statement

Sophie Nicolay, Stamp People

Sophia Nicolay was born and raised in Sandwich, New Hampshire. She has been interested
in art from a young age, when her parents introduced her to drawing, clay, and photography,
and brought her to art exhibitions in Boston and New York. Sophia went on to study art at
Rhode Island School of Design, and later at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills,
Michigan. She has exhibited her work in New York and Michigan, and has attended residencies
and fellowships at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts (Maine) and the Frank Lloyd Wright
Foundation (Arizona). Sophia has pieces in the private collection of Rose-Marie and Eijk Van
Otterloo. She currently works and lives with her family in Amsterdam.
Burst Series
These prints are a study in temporality and change. They capture the moments just before,
during, and after the explosion of large and small ink bubbles. The series explores the fragility
of form, as the bubbles are destroyed and find their final resting place on the paper.
Stuck Series
This series explores the balance between precision and chaos, and between substance and
non-substance. The forms evoke strings and pins which normally fasten and bind materials
together, but here they constitute objects in their own right. This draws attention to the
everyday objectifications by which we perceive things where there are only components.
Postage People Series
These collages juxtapose the visual language of advertising and gossip magazines with the
formal imagery of postage stamps. New and irreverent meanings emerge as the
interpretive frames of material consumerism and the stoic self-representation of the state collide.
Ink and Charcoal Landscape Series
These ink and charcoal landscapes attempt to capture the essence of place and memory
through intuition and gesture.