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Artist Statement

Everywhere Bags

Carega, Clark and White Bags are the result of a three-way collaboration between Katy Clark, bag master, CC White, abstract artist and Patricia Carega, gallery owner. Combining elegance and style with functionality these bags can travel wherever you go. They will be for sale this summer at Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery in Center Sandwich, but why wait? The bags can be seen on line at www.patricialaddcarega.com or at patricialaddcaregagallery.wordpress.com. Order a bag now and travel, shop or sightsee in style throughout the year. Bags come in different styles, canvases, and colors. The paintings by CC White are one of a kind making each bag original and unique. Bags may also be ordered without artwork.
For more information or to order a bag, email patricialaddcaregagallery@gmail.com or call 603 284 7728. You can also find us on Facebook at the gallery’s page.

Our collaboration began after a morning at Farmer’s market in Sandwich this fall. Katy Clark arrived with her newest collection to sell at Christmas time. At the next table Patricia Carega was selling small paintings by long time gallery artist, CC White. What would one of CC White’s paintings look like on a Katy Clark bag? We loved the result and are pleased to be able to present the most recent bags on the gallery website. Both Katy and CC are continually working on new creations. Bags may also be custom ordered.

A Carega, Clark and White bag “is a bag for a lifetime!” (Karin Beij)